Thursday 6 February 2014

Asda's Black Tower Pink and Bubbly Lovely

Thanks Asda for supplying me with Black Tower's Pink and Bubbly! Who would've believed it? I thought Black Tower - that fine upstanding icon of the 80's from Germany - was long forgotten and then they go and pop up with a great fun wine. Only 9% which makes it a super choice for parties and celebrations, good price too so you can share with friends and it looks lovely. beautiful bottle design (with bubbles floating up through the pinkness) and it tastes . . . .

. . . .well, actually it tastes like strawberry 'pop' which is lovely. It is effervescent and non subtle. I think ladies will love love love it for Valentine's day and as an accompaniment to the box of chocs (and obligatory bouquet) from their nearest and dearest.

Also from Asda and staying with pink and frothy - Lovely Louvel Fontaine Martel Rose - a fine bubbly to celebrate the loveliness of Valentines Day. I liked it - although I'm not generally a particularly pink and frothy person - and would recommend it as an affordable option. Very cold (almost icey) dry and not sweet. Have I said 'lovely' enough yet?

Valentines Day also merits the wonders of Champagne Monsigny Brut No.3. 'My No.1' which is from Aldi at an excellent price and with an excellent taste. Dry and again, icey, with an aftertaste of lemony zip!

Although 'Red January' is well and truly finished for another year - phew - It doesn't have to be a 'Frothy February' let's move swiftly onto some red. Going all domesticated and trying hard to make authentic Italian dishes, I've tried some really great Italian wines lately. With my homemade ravioli (now there's a time consuming delicacy) I served a brilliant Ricasoli Rocca Guicciarda Riserva Chiant Classico DOCG 2010 from Sainsburys. Am sure Simply Italian (tweetable @XsimplyitalianX ) make ravioli  much better than I, wonder if they serve Ricasoli Rocca Guicciarda Riserva Chiant Classico though? at room temperature or slightly above . . . mmmmmm

Also the excellent Casa Planeta which I can't get enough of -  definitely recommended - from the Cooperative - well warm rounded and deep yet not too heavy and highly drinkable with pastas and tomato spiced dishes.

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