Thursday 5 March 2015

World Book Day

World Book Day - what best therefore to pair with my wonderful Luca Veste 'The Dying Day' ? The equally great Casillero De Diablo 'Devil's Cellar' from Co Operative. Apparently the story is that the winemaker who developed this back 100 years ago wished to protect his grapes and so started a naughty rumour that the Devil inhabited his winery. Thus. 

A fairly deep and dark blackberry taste with tannins on the tongue and a gorgeous lingering aftertaste. Chilean, and perfect with cheeses to nibble while enjoying Luca's juicy tale. Won't go onto details - read it though, it's well written and riveting. From his blurb - having never read him before - Luca grew up reading all the authors I grew up reading -  Stephen (the) King, James Herbert, Dean Koontz, Barker and Mark Billingham. Can't wait to read more from him in due course.

Am about to start re-reading my Stephen Kings, just finished Bag of Bones - one I struggled with years ago, excellent on second go. Also Everything's Eventual - lots of snippy shorts there to enjoy and read in between other novels on the go. Then I just had to pop into the attic too to get Needful Things - there was a quote I wanted - and to my chagrin, the book is not there. . . . . not stocked in my local library either. (Have reread Insomnia so many times as was my favourite for a long time.) 

Then - lucky me - found a special treat, through one of Stephen's latest tweets. I follow him - wished he followed me. Have you read @StephenKing 's new story "A DEATH"? >>> … via @newyorker @scribner damn good. A Fair Trade - talking of Fair Trade (I should be on the radio with all these links . . .) Sainsburys FT Carmenere is a super, warm, smooth delicious 'book-reading' treat.

There really is nothing better than a good book and a good wine. Two of my favourite things - Needful or otherwise.


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