Wednesday 30 January 2013

Following on, I tend to get most of my wines from supermarkets - Co Op being one of the main ones due to being my nearest, plus it also has some amazing deals, particularly after Christmas, clearing stock I expect. Recently found visits to local wine merchants expensive, whatever happened to all the 'special offers' they used to do? or maybe I'm just getting old. 

Last night had a super Sicilian Red, (that's it's name as well as it's description) often have this one as it's drinkable, mellow, not too boring but also has some great blackcurrant tones. I would have chosen to have some cheese with it, a good mature cheddar or maybe a danish blue but has am currently off the fattening stuff so there is NONE IN THE HOUSE! In fact had it with a spicy chicken dish and rice but it's definitely a match for pasta (with grated cheese? perhaps a teeny bit of parmesan) and various meats.

Again the grapes are Merlot, plus Nero d'Avola and good old Syrah. At only £3.99, this Sicilian red is fine for most occasions, you know you can't go wrong, it certainly doesn't offend. It says on the blurb that it's a good party wine, I guess the price helps.

Will be featuring this one when reviewing next week on together with some other Italians. I don't like Chianti as a rule, happy to be persuaded otherwise, maybe it's the Sangiovese grape I don't like but I find it tart and abrasive on the occasions I've ever had it. In my quest for answers though I will be giving it another go. It's a difficult job I know but someone has to do it. Just to let you know I am committed.

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