Friday 25 January 2013

How I love my smooth wines by Angie J Walker

Hi I'm Angie Walker and as a broadcast writer and journalist, I'm now specialising in reviewing wines, one of my very favourite things.

Got some new releases coming up soon. Would appreciate any recommendations you may have or maybe you'd like me to feature something you've sampled. Will be presenting some best smooth wine podcasts for download - will keep you updated on how, when and where - and also doing some more super stuff with Rod Lucas discussing the best and sometimes the worst in the latest wines out there on the coolest radio station around  

Love red wine the best but of course will try out the odd white, occasional rose and obviously anything particularly champagney if the mood suits. Let's get started . . . .

Mustang Valley - often drink this great Californian Red. Goes well with most foods, particularly Pasta dishes, Cheeses and a good beef casserole. It's fairly well rounded, mellow but not instantly forgettable and unlike some wines that you just couldn't drink too much of, this one goes down a treat, well into a second bottle (as long as there are at least 2 people present) It's not too rich.

Not sure which grape but am guessing syrah and/or merlot (always one of my favourites)

Really is best served at room temperature - sometimes I can be too keen and cooler definitely isn't better.

According to the bottle blurb it has juicy black cherry and vanilla aromas, I just know it tastes great for any occasion, is well affordable at £4.29 a bottle and easily found in my usual supermarket. Can certainly recommend it to anyone who likes a wholesome good red at a sensible price.

Angie Walker
Wine critic

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  1. You don''t review many California reds. Are they hard to come by in the London retail/wine shops? As great (and important) a city as London is tell me it isn't so