Wednesday 27 November 2013

Barefoot Pink Moscato 2013*

Barefoot Pink Moscato 2013* 

Hmmn not often I really don't 'get' something but you've got to say what you feel and I am nothing if not honest. Was looking forward to this particular gem which has nestled pride of place in the fridge for a few days now. Coaxed it out to try alongside the Doctor Who episode on Saturday (all treats together, David Tennant and all) and what a disappointment. (the rose - although to be honest the episode had a few bits lacking/confusing/anti-climax)

Barefoot Pink Moscato looks extremely pretty - has a good little element of effervescence - but tastes like a home made elderflower wine served by an 'amateur home wine maker' despite my serving it in a delicate Waterford crystal glass at almost icy. . At 9% it would be a good party wine so you could potentially drink loads of it but I certainly couldn't drink more than one and so swiftly went back to my beloved red in the form of  Tesco's finest Swartland Pinotage. A plummy warm and well rounded sup, served at just above room temperature. This is something I've been doing more of recently. Not heating the wine exactly - it's not Christmas yet, mulled wine and that, (wait til you try my recipe for mulled wine)  - but bringing it up past room temperature by placing the bottle near a source of heat, heathen that I am. Actually a friend of mine had a good Tempranillo the other day in a London hotel and it was served warm and delicious (wonder how they heat it professionally). I digress, the Swartland Pinotage was terrific, part of Tesco's finest range and well recommended. 

Perhaps a Waterford crystal red wine goblet would improve this even more?

Sainsbury’s Red Burgundy 2011 from The Winemakers Selection was by contrast a little tart (maybe should have done my warmy trick, to eager to try it perhaps?) Still, it held well, at 12.5% and was light and fruity. Good value too at £7.99.  

A man of words and never deeds is like a garden full of weeds.

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