Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Garden Route 2012 South Africa

What better way to celebrate a birthday than to have a good old fashioned Chinese Takeaway meal, great company, super food and what an amazing wine? Love The Garden Route, great name, great label from A really tasty Shiraz from the Western Cape of South Africa. Obviously I've had a few wines from South Africa but this one has to count as one of the smoothest, mellowest, most delicious in a long while. It is 14.5%  which was remarked upon by fellow imbibers - and certainly held the glass well with a great purple aroma plus hints of dark berry. Sadly Birthday Girl herself still remains too young to enjoy anything stronger than a sniff from the edge of the bottle but we adults raised our glasses with glee as the prawn crackers disappeared. I'll be recommending this one on my next podcast, don't forget to check out the latest podcast at

Some great wines recommended on my 'Wine of the Week' slot with Rod Lucas I can't wait  and even more musings

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